Thank You and Goodbye

We can’t thank you enough for all the support through the years. We enjoyed serving you and helping you get the best vapor products at the lowest prices anywhere. We helped thousands and thousands of people quit smoking and use a much safer alternative to combustible, cancer causing cigarettes..

Let there be no mistake, if the government truly cared about you and your health they would ban traditional, combustible cigarettes instead of waging war against a 95% safer product that’s proven to be the most successful cessation product ever. The government can’t ween itself off the hundreds of millions of tax dollars that it earns from the sale of cigarettes. It was supposed to use this money to help people quit smoking, but instead it gets put into each state’s general fund and spent on whatever they feel like.

Anyway, we had a blast running our stores and working with all of you. Thank you. Be well, stay safe, don’t let the man keep you down.

Hardtail Update 11/5

We closed our Weedsport location at the end of September when the NY Flavor Ban was announced. It was to go into effect on October 4th so rather than rack up another month’s rent, utilities, salaries etc. for only four business days we had to make the tough decision to close.

Around the time the flavor ban was going to start being enforced (by state troopers and local health departments) a temporary restraining order was put on the ban while the courts try to decide whether to grant an injunction on the ban. There is no date for when this hearing will actually happen at this time.

Our Auburn location remains open during this time but it seems as though a lot of vapers have been scared away by all the less-than-truthful media news reports. To be clear, no one died or got mysterious lung disease from using e-cigarettes or e-liquid purchased legally from reputable stores. ALL of those cases were from concentrated THC vapor products purchased illegally on the street. And the flavor ban is not to protect our youth, its to keep the flow of cash coming in from sales of combustible cigarettes.